Timothy Lowenberg

Adjunct Professor


Professor Lowenberg is Vice President of Gordon Thomas Honeywell Governmental Affairs and Of Counsel at Gordon Thomas Honeywell, LLP. He served as Adjutant General of the State of Washington from 1999 through 2012. In this capacity, he commanded the Washington Army and Air National Guard and directed the state's Emergency Management and Enhanced 911 programs. He was also the Governor's Homeland Security Advisor and chair of the Governor's Domestic Security Executive Group. He was co-chair of the National Homeland Security Consortium (a coalition of 24 national public and private sector organizations), chair of the National Governors Association Homeland Security Advisors Council, and chair of Homeland Defense and Homeland Security of the national Adjutants General Association. He received his B.A. and J.D. from the University of Iowa.

As Washington's Homeland Security Advisor, General Lowenberg worked directly with senior national and regional federal officials, including representatives of the Justice Department; FBI; CIA; Department of Defense; Department of Homeland Security; Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI); National Security Agency (NSA); Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO) and others on cutting-edge legal and security issues in the land, air, maritime and cyber domains. He has testified before congressional committees several times on national security issues.

Working with other state and federal law enforcement and justice officials, General Lowenberg helped create the Washington State Intelligence Fusion Center. He also chaired the bi-national 2010 Winter Olympics Security Committee which conceived, built and operated a bi-national Interagency Coordination Center and tactically deployable Intelligence Fusion Center that assured unity of effort in security operations among more than forty-five (45) U.S. and Canadian federal, state, provincial and local law enforcement and emergency response agencies.



  • Civil Remedies
  • National Security Law