Faculty Support Staff

The faculty’s administrative staff are available to help connect you with a faculty member and provide more information.

Faculty administrative assistant assignments

Mary Jane BroganMary Jane Brogan

Law Clinic
Phone: 206.398.4137
E-mail: broganm@seattleu.edu

Jasmina KostichJasmina Kostich

Phone: 206.398.4068
E-mail: theodora@seattleu.edu

Lori LambLori Lamb

Legal Writing Program
& Bar Skills Program
Phone: 206.398.4033
E-mail: lambl@seattleu.edu

Johnathan LeBlancJohnathan LeBlanc

Externship Program
Phone: 206.398.4128
E-mail: leblancj@seattleu.edu

Julie McClureJulie McClure

Berle Center
Phone: 206.398.4282
E-mail: mcclurej@seattleu.edu

Junsen OhnoJunsen Ohno

International Programs
& Korematsu Center
Phone: 206.398.4283
E-mail: ohnoj@seattleu.edu

Jessica PalmerJessica Palmer

Externship Program
Phone: 206.398.4006
E-mail: palmerj@seattleu.edu

Alicia ReiseAlicia Reise

Law Clinic
Phone: 206.398.4139
E-mail: reisea@seattleu.edu

Nora SantosNora Santos

Phone: 206.398.4032
E-mail: santosl@seattleu.edu

Laurie WellsLaurie Wells

Phone: 206.398.4078
E-mail: ljsleep@seattleu.edu

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