2013 - 2014 Exhibits

Faculty Scholarship Display

Our newest law library display showcases recent scholarly accomplishments of our faculty. The exhibit includes information about recent books, top journal placements, forthcoming works, and selected reprints from 2011-2014.

Carrying on the Legacy (February 2014)

Carrying on the Legacy provides a glimpse into the ongoing work of the Korematsu Center on Arce v Huppenthal, a case challenging the enforcement of an Arizona statute that led to the elimination of the highly successful Mexican American Studies program in the Tucson Unified School District. The exhibit highlights the work of the Center and other members of the Law School community, and includes information about the case and copies of the opinions and briefs filed to date. The case is currently on appeal before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit and has garnered national attention.

Banned Books Week Exhibit (September 2013)

Celebrate the Freedom to Read during Banned Books Week 2013. For over 30 years libraries, publishers, booksellers, journalists, teachers and readers have been coming together during Banned Book Week to explore the issues and controversies around book challenges and book banning. Our new exhibit on the second floor highlights the top 5 most challenged books from 2012 and their authors' reactions to making the list.

Do's and Don'ts of the Library (August 2013)

Our "Do's and Don'ts of the Library" exhibit informs patrons of our services and policies. (2nd floor)

Law School Survival Guides (August 2013)

This exhibit welcomes incoming first-year students to Seattle University School of Law by suggesting books on the law school experience. (2nd floor)

Philosophy of Lawyering Exhibit from Professor Natasha Martin's Professional Responsibility Course (ongoing)

Since 2003, Professor Martin has invited students in her Professional Responsibility course to express their personal philosophies of lawyering in various forms including tangible creative expressions. Over the years, students have created oil-on-canvas paintings, poems, original music scores, collages, an inspiration box, a mock-Monopoly game ("Lawyeropoly"), and handmade quilts, to name a few. This exhibit includes several of the students' pieces and their explanatory essays. (4th floor)

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