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March 2010 

March 31

Welcome to our new Contributing Editors

Law School Academic Support Blog
Director of Bar Studies Program Lisa Young will serve as one of two Contributing Editors for the Law School Academic Support Blog.

Seattle University School of Law's Stage Advocates presents "Noises Off"

The School of Law's student group, "Stage Advocates," is presenting its second annual production, "Noises Off," on April 16 and 24.

March 30

Panelists say lawsuits challenging health bill lack merit

The Seattle Times
Professor John McKay participated in a panel debate over whether the new federal health-care law is constitutional.

March 25

Confirmation of plan: Bankruptcy attorneys consider impact of Espinosa decision on practitioners

Bankruptcy Law Daily
Professor Rafael Pardo comments on the administrative and legal issues arising from the recent Supreme Court decision, which affirmed a bankruptcy court's authority to discharge student loan debt even when the debtor does not seek an undue hardship finding under the Bankruptcy Code.

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Trade school in tough times: Is it worth it?

KUOW Radio
Professor Rafael Pardo takes part in "The Conversation" radio program to discuss the debt students are incurring by enrolling in technical and trade schools.

March 23

Supreme court rules unanimously to dismiss former student's debt

The Chronicle of Higher Education
Professor Rafael Pardo comments on the positive effects of the recent supreme court ruling.

March 17

N.Va. men in Pakistan charged with 6 counts in terror case

The Washington Post
Professor Tayyab Mahmud, an expert on Pakistani and international law, comments on the unpredictable length of a criminal trial in Pakistan.

March 16

After Stevens: What will the Supreme Court be like without its liberal leader?

The New Yorker
Professor Andrew Siegel, a former clerk for U.S Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, comments in a profile on the most senior justice, who may be nearing retirement.

March 13

The new poor: In hard times, lured into trade school and debt

New York Times
Professor Rafael Pardo, an expert in educational financing, comments on the troubles facing students who take out large loans for trade schools and can't find work.

March 9

Burgess: Crackdown on panhandlers necessary

Komo 4 News
The School of Law hosts a panel discussion on a proposal to change a 10-year old solicitation ordinance in order to crack down on aggressive panhandlers.

March 8

LWI Board election results

Legal Writing Prof Blog
Professor and Director of the Legal Writing Program Laurel Oates will serve on the Legal Writing Institute's Board of Directors.

Lynn Fleischbein receives WSBA Local Hero Award

Washington State Bar Association
Lynn Fleischbein '99 is honored with the WSBA's Local Hero Award for her noteworthy contributions to the community.

March 3

Prosecutor's Post

King County TV
Professor from Practice Bob Boruchowitz talks with King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg about his life's work in improving public defense.


True Grit

Washington State Bar Association
The School of Law's Academic Resource Center (ARC) is recognized for not only admitting diverse and non-traditional students but also for helping them succeed.

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