School of Law in the News

August - September 2011

September 30

U.S. court blocks Texas electoral maps approved by Rick Perry

Bloomberg Businessweek
Distinguished Practitioner in Residence and Director of the National Voting Rights Advocacy Initiative Joaquin Avila is quoted about the importance of the injunction.

September 28

The evolution of John McKay

Seattle Weekly
Seattle Weekly writes an in-depth profile of Professor from Practice John McKay.

September 22

Is sperm from redheads really less desirable?

Time Healthland
Professor Julie Shapiro is quoted in an article that discusses assisted reproduction and choosing donor characteristics.

September 15

Google rivals' ad deal would face regulatory review

Professor Jack Kirkwood says that a pact between Internet rivals is a red flag for antitrust enforcers.

September 9

Ten years after 9/11, a vigilant nation grapples with existential questions

The Seattle Times
Professor from Practice John McKay writes as a guest columnist for the Seattle Times about the government's response to the 9/11 attacks.

September 8

APA spotlight: Kendee Yamaguchi, executive director, Washington State Commission on Asian Pacific American Affairs

Kendee Yamaguchi '06 is highlighted for her dedication to issues surrounding the Asian Pacific Islander American community.

August 19

Baby-selling scam focuses attention on surrogacy

Time Healthland
Professor Julie Shapiro says that selling babies is morally unacceptable.

Pot speakers rumble at Seattle Weekly/KCTS 9's "Toke Signals" cannabis forum

Seattle Weekly Blogs
Professor from Practice John McKay participated in a panel discussion about the future of marijuana in Washington State.

August 4

Web cartoons making fun of Renton taken seriously

The Seattle Times (and multiple outlets)
Professor John Strait comments on police officers as targets of public criticism.  This story appeared in multiple news outlets, including Boston Herald, The Olympian, and The Spokeman-Review.

Audio from Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearing on probate
Douglas Nash, director of the Center for Indian Law and Policy, testifies at the oversight hearing on the American Indian Probate Reform Act of 2004.

August 2011

SU's Academic Resource Center to celebrate 25 years

King County Bar Bulletin
Dean Mark Niles writes an article about the School of Law's Academic Resource Center and Access Admission Program.

SU reaching out in D.C., Alaska

King County Bar Bulletin
The School of Law launches a new "Summer in D.C." program and expands its "Study Law in Alaska" program.

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