School of Law in the News

June - July 2011

July 26

Unpaid tickets lead to drivers losing licenses

The Seattle Times
Professor from Practice Bob Boruchowitz says that nonpayment of traffic tickets should not be a crime.

July 25

Nearly 300,000 Washington drivers suspended for failure to pay tickets: part 2

National Public Radio
Professor from Practice Bob Boruchowitz advocates for decriminalization.

July 22

Where do (some) babies come from? In Washington, a new law bans anonymous sperm and egg donors

Time Healthland
Professor Julie Shapiro is quoted about donor anonymity and how the law defines family.

July 20

Riding the waves of the blogosphere

Professor Julie Shapiro's blogging efforts are highlighted.

July 2

In Yakima, other areas, growing Latino population invisible politically

The Seattle Times
Distinguished Practitioner Joaquin Avila, director of the National Voting Rights Advocacy Initiative, says that Latinos are politically underrepresented in Eastern Washington.

June 29

A precedent for Native Americans' religious freedom in Washington prisons

The Seattle Times
Director of the Center for Indian Law and Policy Douglas Nash's historical perspective on conflict between state and tribal leaders is mentioned.

June 23

The end of gender?

Professor Dean Spade's views on gender-based rights and policies are discussed.

June 21

Skagit County suit claims public defenders too busy to defend

Seattle Times
Professor from Practice Bob Boruchowitz of the law school's Defender Initiative comments on the the heavy workload of public defenders.


Taking to task race and the criminal justice system

Washington State Bar News
Professor Bob Chang writes about the Taske Force on Race and the Criminal Justice System, which he co-chaired.

SU graduate fellowships promote social justice

King County Bar Bulletin
The law school awarded two fellowships to May graduates tackling tough social justice issues.

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