School of Law in the News

October - December 2011

December 21

Want to do the crime but not the time in Washington?

Professors Bob Chang and Bob Boruchowitz brief the Washington Senate's Judiciary Committee about "Race and the Criminal Justice System."

December 15

Trans politics and legal structures with Dean Spade

KUOW Radio
Professor Dean Spade discusses his book "Normal Life: Administrative Violence, Critical Trans Politics And The Limits Of Law."

December 14

Former US Attorney John McKay: Legalize marijuana

KIRO Radio
Professor from Practice John McKay explains why he wants the state to legalize marijuana on a radio program.

December 12

A sewage blunder earns engineer a criminal record

Wall Street Journal
Professor from Practice Bob Boruchowitz says that a misdemeanor conviction can gravely impact aspects of a person's everyday life, including the ability to get a job or a loan.

November 17

Water pollution regulations underestimate fish consumption, endangering public health

The Huffington Post
Professor Catherine O'Neill says that Washington State's fish consumption standard is too low.

November 16

Former U.S. Attorney endorses initiative to legalize marijuana

Q13 FOX News
Professor from Practice John McKay is interviewed for a T.V. segment on legalizing marijuana.

November 7

Security, privacy and the TSA

KUOW Weekday
Dean Mark Niles discussed privacy rights of airline passengers as a guest on a radio program.

November 2

Film explores gender identity disorder

The Martlet 
Professor Dean Spade addresses problems faced by transgender people in the documentary "Diagnosing Difference."

October 31

Deadly cantaloupes: A view from the ivory tower

Food Safety News
Visiting Professor Denis Stearns writes an opinion about the need to devote more time and money to food safety regulation.

October 20

Genesis of a medical-marijuana raid: Asst. U.S. Attorney's e-mail to crooked cop Roy Alloway asking for 'dirt'

Seattle Weekly
Professor John Strait is quoted about the ethical implications of a prosecutor asking for "dirt" on someone.

October 7

The School of Law honors Justice Mary Fairhurst


October 2011

The battle for safer food continues

King County Bar Bulletin
Bill Marler '87 writes an article about the 1993 E. coli O157:H7 outbreak and the government's response to food safety concerns.

A twist of fate

King County Bar Bulletin
Visiting Professor Denis Stearns is profiled in the October 2011 KCBA Bar Bulletin with regard to his participation in the 1993 E. coli outbreak in Washington State and elsewhere.