School of Law in the News, 2012

Dec. 21

Mental Health Courts help keep our communities safe

The Seattle Times
Dean Mark Niles writes in an op-ed that more communities should pursue mental health courts like the one in Seattle, in which the law school's clinic participates.

Nov. 13

Kentucky Supreme Court considers Miranda warning for students

Louisville Courier-Journal
Professor Paul Holland comments on the question of whether students should be advised of the right to remain silent when questioned at school.

October 21

Nicaraguan prosecutors want to reinstate Tacoma man's sentence.

Professor Tom Antkowiak comments on efforts by the Nicaraguan government to have Jason Puracal sent back to prison.

October 19

Prosecutor must withdraw from Jasman case

Columbia Basin Herald
Professor John Strait provided an opinion on a conflict of interest case.

Seattle U Law School Awards Native American Scholarship

King County Bar Bulletin
Jocelyn McCurtain is the 2012 Native American Law Scholar.

October 16

Seattle homeless man arrested, suspected in 1976 Maine killing

Seattle Times
Professor John Strait comments on police techniques for collecting DNA evidence.

October 10

Citizens United decision boosts union canvassers

Professor Charlotte Garden discuss the impact of the Citizens United decision on election canvassing.

October 3

Seattle U's law dean on Seattle Voices

Seattle Channel
Dean Mark Niles talks about his path to the deanship and the law school's commitment to social justice.

September 8

Chief prosecutor, predicted to be an 'unmitigated disaster,' now facing disciplinary charges

Seattle Times
Professor John Strait comments on ethics surrounding the controversial Grant County prosecutor.

August 7

Desperate measure

The Stranger
Professor David Skover is quoted about Seattle Initiative 103, which aims to end the influence of corporate spending on elections.

August 3

Vote 2012

KCTS 9 Connects
Professor Andrew Siegel discusses Washington's system of electing judges (his interview begins at about 46:00).

August 1

Judging the judges

Real Change
Professor John Strait is quoted about the King County Bar Association's ratings of judicial candidates.

July 27

Judicial election's far reaching implications for API voters

Northwest Asian Weekly
Professor Robert Chang says voters should get informed about judicial candidates given the crucial role judges play in ensuring the fair administration of justice.

July 18

Caseload limits a win for public defenders, clients - and justice

The Seattle Times
Professor from Practice Bob Boruchowitz writes an op-ed discussing the Washington State Supreme Court's recent order that will limit public-defender caseloads.

July 7

Steven Bender: Films of the Mexican-American experience

KUOW Radio
Professor Steven Bender talks about three films that present a more nuanced portrayal of Mexican-Americans.

June 25

Limit on public-defenders' caseloads puts strain on cities

The Seattle Times (Associated Press)
Professor from Practice Bob Boruchowitz says the Constitution requires a competent public defense.

June 22

Health-care reform, and border politics

Professor Steven Bender discusses border policy as a guest on the radio program "Weekday."

June 14

Transgender workers now protected from discrimination nationwide

Campus Progress
Professor Dean Spade's book "Normal Life" is quoted.

June 13

New thriller may change the way readers look at the phrase 'Made in China'

Professor Emeritus Mark Reutlinger's new book, "Made in China," is reviewed.

June 11

Gay-marriage support: Shift in attitudes?

The Seattle Times
Professor Julie Shapiro comments on Washington Referendum 74, a measure that will ask voters in November to approve or repeal the state's same-sex marriage law.

June 6

Joint program would let students learn more of the law in Alaska

The National Law Journal
Seattle University School of Law and the University of Alaska Anchorage are working on a joint program that would allow Alaskans to take some law courses in Anchorage.

June 4

Seattle U, University of Alaska partner for law

The Seattle Times

Law degrees to possibly get easier for Alaskans to obtain

KTVA CBS 11 News

Seattle University School of Law and the University of Alaska Anchorage are working together to develop a juris doctor program for Alaskans.

June 2

Mastro mystery: Aging ex-magnate nears 1 year on the lam

The Seattle Times
Professor John Strait is quoted about the legal hurdles to extradition.

May 26

A better border is possible

Professor Steven Bender's new book "Run for the Border: Vice and Virtue in U.S.-Mexico Border Crossings" is reviewed.

May 25

Wash. lawyers challenge secret court proceedings

Associated Press
Professor Emeritus David Boerner comments on "special inquiry judge proceedings."

May 24

Supreme Court rules against benefits for posthumously conceived kids

Time Healthland
Professor Julie Shapiro is quoted about Congressional intent concerning posthumously conceived children. 

May 20

Birth trends: Nonmarital births to women under 30 increasing

Deseret News
Professor Julie Shapiro says most unmarried mothers are not single mothers.

May 10

How it ends: In the pursuit of LGBT equality, not everyone sees the same finish line

Metro Weekly
Professor Dean Spade says the LGBT movement should advocate for change through a social justice frame.

May 9

International Criminal Court on trial in Kenya

The Nation
Professor Ron Slye is quoted in an article discussing recent controversies surrounding the ICC.

May 2

Bar says complaint against Grant prosecutor warrants hearing

The Wenatchee World
Professor John Strait says it's rare for a complaint against a sitting prosecutor to reach the hearing stage.

Transgender woman pleads guilty to second-degree manslaughter

Minnesota Public Radio
Professor Dean Spade says this woman should not be in prison for defending herself against a violent, transphobic, and racist attack.

April 19

Warlord's conviction gives hope to victims of his crimes

The Seattle Times
Assistant Professor Thomas Antkowiak, director of the Latin America Program, writes an op-ed explaining that the International Criminal Court has a historic opportunity to redress the victims of convicted Congolese warlord Thomas Lubanga.

April 12

Wash. lawyers cut their bar association dues $3.6M

Associated Press
The WSBA may have to cut legal aid programs, such as the Moderate Means Program, after attorneys voted to reduce their dues

April 4

Filling a gap in legal coverage

The Seattle Times
The Moderate Means Program, a partnership between the WSBA and the three state law schools, is featured.

The Moderate Means Program is also discussed in numerous other media outlets, including Attorneys link with schools to cut rates for some clients in Puget Sound Business Journal and 350 Washington State Lawyers Volunteer to Cut Fees for Moderate Means Clients in ABA Journal.

March 24

Governor's judicial appointments keep court's gender mix intact

Kitsap Sun
Professor John Strait says the governor likely considers factors such as race and gender when making judicial appointments.

March 22

Transparency Grades

National Jurist
March 2012

March 21

How Breitbart and Arizona seized on "critical race theory"

Professor Richard Delgado is quoted in an article discussing critical race theory.

March 15

Shootings of 3 kids an anomaly, not a trend, say experts

Everett Herald
Professor John Strait comments on the legal implications of accidental shootings involving children.

March 8

Centralia business capitalizes on political frustrations
Professor John Strait says there is not a law that restricts selling clay targets that feature faces of prominent political figures.

March 6

Judge to decide if same-sex law 'redefines' the word marriage

The Seattle Times
Professor Julie Shapiro says that same-sex marriage supporters do not use the term "redefine" to describe the marriage equality they seek.

Law students train teens to staff Youth Court in Seattle focused on traffic infractions

ABA Journal
Seattle University School of Law students train teens to act as judges, prosecutors, defense lawyers, bailiffs, court clerks, and jurors as part of Seattle's new Youth Traffic Court.

March 3

Before state's high court: role of race in identifying a face

The Seattle Times
The Fred T. Korematsu Center for Law and Equality's filing of an amicus brief is referenced.

March 2012

Remembering the lessons of Gordon Kiyoshi Hirabayashi

King County Bar Bulletin
Professor Lorraine Bannai, director of the Fred T. Korematsu Center for Law and Equality, writes an article reflecting on Gordon Hirabayashi's life and cases.

SU/YLD social media event draws throng

King County Bar Bulletin
Bahareh Samanian, associate director of employer relations at the law school's Center for Professional Development, writes an article about the social media topics discussed at a recent event at the School of Law.

Gordon Hirabayashi: What the college student, client, and professor taught us about seeking justice

Washington State Bar News
Professor Lorraine Bannai's article appears in the March 2012 issue of the WSBA News.

February 29

White House issues new rules on Al-Qaida suspects

Director of the Fred T. Korematsu Center for Law and Equality Lorraine Bannai's testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee on the Due Process Guarantee Act was quoted on a radio program.

Senate may have faulty aim at indefinite detention law

Courthouse News
Professor Lorraine Bannai, director of the Fred T. Korematsu Center for Law and Equality, is quoted about the dangers of indefinite detention.

February 28

Seattle launches Youth Traffic Court
Teen drivers who admit they committed their traffic offense will have the opportunity to have their punishment set by their peers instead of a judge through a new Youth Traffic Court alliance among Seattle Municipal Court, the School of Law, and Garfield High School.

State Indian tribes may regain autonomy if legislature acts

Chinook Observer
Douglas Nash, director of the Center for Indian Law and Policy, comments on the state legislature's proposed Retrocession Act.

February 22

Grant County prosecutor could face discipline

The Wenatchee World
Professor John Strait comments on the Washington State Bar Association's decision to pursue disciplinary action against a prosecuting attorney.

'Librotraficante' movement to open 'underground libraries' following alleged book banning

Huffington Post
Professors Richard Delgado and Jean Stefancic speak out about the recent book-banning by the Tucson Unified School District.

February 17

LULAC honors key leaders who serve Hispanic community

Hispanic Business
Distinguished Practitioner Joaquin Avila, director of the National Voting Rights Advocacy Initiative, is honored with the Presidential Award from the League of United Latin American Citizens.

February 10

Halos can turn to horns, corporate donors find

Visiting Professor Faith Stevelman comments on the potential dangers involved in corporate giving.

February 8

Breaking out LGBT inmates 

East Bay Express
Professor Dean Spade's book "Normal Life," which examines the limits of the law in protecting queer and transgender people, is featured.

February 6

Singled out: Are unmarried people discriminated against?

The Daily Beast
Professor Lily Kahng says the U.S. tax system penalizes single people and privileges married people.

January 30

A public letter from the Cobell lawyers prompts ethics and harassment concerns

Indian Country Today
Distinguished Indian Law Practitioner in Residence Eric Eberhard says that, regardless of the merits of the Cobell appeals, everyone has the right to be heard and have their claims reviewed.

January 13

City Inside/Out: Race relations

Seattle Channel
Director of Student Life Fe Lopez discusses race relations as a guest on a television program.

January 1

DOJ report on Seattle Police Department can provide a basis for improvement

The Seattle Times
Distinguished Jurist in Residence Terrence Carroll co-writes a guest column about the recent Department of Justice report concerning use of force by the Seattle Police Department.


March - April

The School of Law receives an "A" for employment transparency, and the Moderate Means Program is featured in several media outlets. Professors discuss topics including the life and legal victory of Gordon Hirabayashi, marriage equality, and critical race theory. 

January - February

The School of Law partners with the City of Seattle to launch a new Youth Traffic Court, and the Korematsu Center is featured in an article for its commitment to social justice. Professors comment on a variety of current topics, including voting rights, tax implications for single and married people, and the use of force by police. 

Bree Blackhorse
Class of 2013
Seattle University School of Law