The Seattle University Law School Releases a New Web Site Design

Seattle University School of Law today announced the release of its newly designed Web site, raising the bar for all academic Web sites with its cutting edge use of XML technology. The redesign allows users the choice of three versions: Flash, Standard HTML, and Text Only. The Flash version, as its name implies, uses the latest technology to incorporate movement and build interest. The Text site, which will eventually be ADA-compliant, is designed to reach the broadest possible audience.

The site has undergone significant changes: an expanded navigation bar provides one-click access to a greater range of information, and on the Flash and Standard views, a new color scheme not only takes advantage of the famed Seattle skyline, but complements various images that showcase the law school’s students, faculty, staff, and environs.

The XML backbone means that changes to any of the three sites will be propagated to the others. Why XML? Simply this: the use of XML for content management is consistent with the law school’s broader aim of reinventing the ways in which all content is managed school-wide. The goal is to create a more dynamic system, whether the information is destined for the Web site, an intranet, or a portable handheld device. The new Web site’s sidebar provides an avenue that makes departmental customization of online content easier than it has ever been before. With it, departments can spotlight items of their choosing, from programming and events to announcements and news.

The redesign is truly a school-wide effort, with members across the community contributing either to content or to development and implementation. While everyone in Technology worked very hard, James Cooper, Director of Technology, wants to especially acknowledge Michael Caldwell for his Flash and graphics creation, Evan Lenz for his templates and XML content management, and Karla Heng for Web development and content coordination.

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