Law School Professors Attend Legal Writing Institute Conference

More than 475 law school professors from 137 law schools spent the week of July 18, 2004, at Seattle University School of Law celebrating the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Legal Writing Institute. The Institute, which now has more than 1200 members from around the world, was founded in 1984 by Seattle University professors Laurel Currie Oates, Chris Rideout, and Anne Enquist.

Associate Dean Kellye Testy opened the four day conference by talking about the conference theme -- “Horizons.” During the next three days, conference participants selected from more than 85 different presentations, workshops, and moderated discussions on a wide range of topics. Among those making the presentations were six members of Seattle University Law School’s Legal Writing faculty: Professor Susan McClellan spoke on “Teaching Argument: Seeing the Forest, Not Just the Trees”; Professor Lorraine Bannai moderated a discussion titled, “Bringing Diversity and Social Justice Issues into the Legal Writing Classroom”; Professor Mimi Samuel spoke on “E-Commenting Made Easy: Tips and Tricks on How to Provide Electronic Feedback”; Professor Chris Rideout spoke on Legal Writing, Current Practices, and the Problematics of Legal Literacy”; Professor Laurel Currie Oates presented a workshop that focused on “Teaching Students to Read, Analyze, Synthesize, Statutes and Cases”; and Professor Anne Enquist presented her research: “Unlocking the Secrets of Why Some Legal Writing Students are Highly Successful, Moderately Successful or only Marginally Successful Writers.”

For more information about the Legal Writing Institute, see the LWI Web site.

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