Dean Joins City Police Accountability Panel

Dean Kellye Testy has been appointed to the Seattle City Council Police Accountability Panel to help examine the legal and organizational aspects of Seattle’s civilian oversight of law enforcement.

City Council President Nick Licata formed the panel to review the work of the mayor’s Panel on Police Accountability, which is looking at the effectiveness of the city’s system of police accountability police chief’s role. The current system of police accountability including the Office of Professional Accountability, the Office of Professional Accountability Review Board, and the Office of Professional Accountability Auditor is under review by the mayor’s panel.

The council has asked the panel to undertake two areas of inquiry: a legal review to determine whether there are legal constraints, omissions and/or ambiguities that inhibit police accountability in the City of Seattle; and an inquiry into organizational leadership culture and philosophy to research how the leadership philosophy shapes and determines the culture concerning police accountability.

In addition to Testy, the panel includes Judge Veronica Alicea-Galvan, Des Moines Municipal Court; Leo Hamaji, Felony Division Supervisor at the Defender Association; Steve Herbert, University of Washington Associate Professor of Geography and Law, Societies, and Justice; Wilson Edward Reed; University of Washington Law Professor Eric Schnapper; and Seattle attorney Lynne Wilson.

The panel will begin its work this month with a goal of completing it by March 1.

The Seattle City Council’s Police Accountability Panel will focus on two important areas of police accountability in the City of Seattle.

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