Practicing Public Interest Law

Former Judge Donald Horowitz and Professor from Practice John McKay will hold the second in their series of symposia designed to encourage students and lawyers to pursue public interest work at 6 p.m. Wednesday, November 14, in Pigott Auditorium.

“How to Find and Serve the Public Interest as a Lawyer – With Spontaneity, With a Plan, With a Scheme, With a Strategy – Courageously, Cautiously, Relentlessly” is open to the community. No RSVP is needed.

Judge Horowitz and Professor McKay will discuss how to recognize and act on opportunities to serve the public interest, how to work with constructively with others to find common ground and how to find places where public service and self-interest meet. They will be joined by lawyers and others who will share their stories about fighting for justice.

It is the second in the series, “Making A Difference: Using Your Law Degree to Make the World a Better Place No Matter Where You Go in Your Career – and Life.” Future forums are set for Wednesday, January 30, and Tuesday, March 11, 2008. This series is co-sponsored by the Center for Professional Development and the Access to Justice Institute. For more information or questions, please contact Katie Tiehen at the Access to Justice Institute at (206) 398- 4173 or

To view the first symposium, “An Introduction to Lawyering in the Public Interest Without Necessarily Being a ‘Public Interest Lawyer,’” go to

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