Professor Honored

Legal Writing Professor Anne Enquist has been selected to receive the Service Award from the Association of American Law Schools Section on Legal Writing, Reasoning and Research. She will be honored at a lunch during the annual AALS meeting in Washington, D.C., in January.

“Anne is an exceptional faculty member, equally dedicated to teaching and scholarship, and generous in her service to the school, its students, and its faculty,” Dean Kellye Testy said. “She deserves a great deal of credit for the success and stature of the top-ranked Writing Program at Seattle University School of Law.”

Enquist was nominated by Laurel Oates, director of the Legal Writing Program.

“Even after 25 years of teaching, Anne prepares for every student conference by reading the student’s writing, identifying the student’s strengths and weaknesses, and planning a conference that matches that student’s needs and learning style,” Oates said in her nomination. “As a result, Anne has changed not only the writing, but also the lives, of many students.”

Enquist, who also serves as co-director of faculty development at the law school, is one of the most influential scholars in legal writing. She is co-author, with Oates, of The Legal Writing Handbook, and is one of the authors of the four “Just” books: Just Writing, Just Memos, Just Briefs, and Just Research. She has worked as a member of the editorial board for the Legal Writing Journal. She has been a guiding force in the Legal Writing Institute.

“In many ways, Anne has set the standards for legal writing scholarship.” Oates said. “The majority of legal writing professors have read, and been influenced by, her articles on diagnosing and critiquing students writing. In addition, her columns in The Second Draft and Perspectives have been widely read, cited, and used.”