Globalization and Justice

A conference on Globalization and Justice: Interdisciplinary Dialogues will be Thursday and Friday, February 21-22, at Seattle University School of Law and Piggott Auditorium. It is sponsored by the law school’s Center for Global Justice and the university’s Center for the Study of Justice in Society, directed by law Professor Maggie Chon.

The program will bring together faculty members at Seattle University who have worked in global contexts to encourage in-depth conversations about what it means to do global scholarship at a university that is dedicated to empowering leaders for a just and humane world. The conference is free and open to the public. SU administrators, faculty, staff, students and interested community friends are invited.

The program begins at noon on February 21 in the law school’s second floor gallery with a lunch plenary panel on Global Social Justice Scholarship: Terms of Engagement. Law School Dean Kellye Testy will help open the conference. Professors Margaret Chon and Ron Slye, director the law school’s Center for Global Justice, organized the opening session that includes law professor Carmen Gonzalez as a panelist.

The second plenary panel, The Language and Ethics of Globalization, will be at 2:15 p.m. in Pigott Auditorium. It was organized by Professor and Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development Tayyab Mahmud and will be moderated by law professor Russell Powell.

Anil K. Gupta of the Indian Institute of Management (India) and co-founder of the Honeybee Network, will give a keynote address “G2G – Grassroots to Global: the Knowledge Rights of Creative Communities” at 5:30 p.m. in Pigott Auditorium. Tom Fischer, visiting scholar at the law school, and Janice Mueller, a visiting law professor, will be discussants.

On the second day of the conference, Dean Kellye Testy will serve as discussant for the second keynote address at noon in the law school’s Fred H. Dore Courtroom. Francisco Valdes of the University of Miami School of Law and co-founder of LatCrit: Latina and Latino Critical Legal Theory, Inc. will present “Knowledge Production, Social Justice and Academic Activism: Methods, Principles and Goals.”

Other topics over the course of the two days include Global Health: Unjust Progress – The Impact of Globalization on Health, moderated by Law School Vice Dean Annette Clark; Pedagogy and Globalization, including Legal Writing Professors Laurel Oates and Mimi Samuel, who have taught lawyers in Uganda; Globalization and Justice in Nicaragua, with panelist Law Professor Henry McGee; Service of Faith and the Promotion of Social Justice through eLearning; Women and Globalization; Globalizing Democracy, Hegemonic Power and Social Justice; African Diaspora; Modernities and Global Social Justice; and Water: Sacred Source and/or Commodity Resource.

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