Legal Education at the Crossroads II; Professors Stuckey and Wegner Honored

In conjunction with the conference Legal Education at the Crossroads II, held September 5-7, 2008, the law school hosted a reception honoring Professor Roy Stuckey, University of South Carolina School of Law, and Professor Judith Wegner, University of North Carolina School of Law, for their vision, commitment, and influence in transforming legal education.

Professors Wegner and Stuckey organized the first Legal Education at the Crossroads conference, held last November at the University of South Carolina, which provided a forum for the discussion of strategies and tactics for moving law schools away from the traditional pedagogical methods they have been using for the past 130 years.

This month's conference presented examples of innovative curriculum reform efforts taking place around the country and provided opportunities for further discussion of curriculum reform.  Professor Paula Lustbader was a member of the planning committee, and Professors Laurel Oates and Mimi Samuel were presenters at the conference.

Sullivan Hall, first floor corridor