Dorsey & Whitney Foundation awards grant to Korematsu Center

From left, partners Kimton Eng, Brian Park, Nelson Dong and Joe Gaffney, join Associate Director Lori Bannai, Director Robert Chang and Dean Annette Clark at the law school. Photos by Ken Shook.

 A $10,000 grant from the Dorsey & Whitney Foundation will help the Fred T. Korematsu Center for Law and Equality continue its work to advance justice through knowledge and advocacy.

The Dorsey & Whitney Foundation is the nonprofit foundation that represents the partners of the firm. Four partners, Nelson Dong, Kimton Eng, Joe Gaffney and Brian Park, presented a check to the School of Law.

"The Foundation believes that this grant will broaden and deepen the ties that the Dorsey & Whitney law firm enjoys with the law school," Dong said. "The center is part of a broader effort by the law school to serve the community, and, in making this grant, the foundation is affirming that long tradition of public service by Seattle University and its alumni." Dorsey & Whitney Present a Check to SU

Several attorneys at the firm are graduates or adjunct professors at the law school and will be involved with the work of the center.

Joe Gaffney, a partner at the firm and graduate of Seattle University, said the law school's work is "transformational."

"What you're doing off-campus like this is so healthy for our community," he said.

The School of Law and the Korematsu Center are grateful for the financial support. Center Director Robert Chang and Associate Director Lori Bannai said the support helps continue important work. In just its second year, the center has made great strides. It most recently filed an amicus brief in a case involving racial bias, hired three student fellows and is working on a book series.

"We are focusing on where we can have the most impact," Chang said.

Dean Annette Clark thanked the firm for its ongoing support of the law school and applauded the firm's work.

"We are so proud of our partnership with Dorsey and Whitney and their commitment to pro bono work," she said.

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