Law school welcomes exciting incoming class

 The School of Law welcomed students to Sullivan Hall for the start of the fall semester this week, including 330 first-year students.

The 1L class is made up of 48 percent women, and 27 percent students of color. They represent 118 colleges and universities from 25 states and three countries. More than 10 percent of them have advanced degrees (M.A. or Ph.D.)

This year's class includes students from varied backgrounds. Members of the class have served in the military, the Peace Corps and AmeriCorps. They are veterans of war, pastors, ballerinas, park rangers, patent agents and a state senator. They have studied around the world and climbed mountains. They completed international mission trips, counseled domestic violence survivors and drug addicts and helped Hurricane Katrina victims put their lives back together. 

The class includes Scholars for Justice Meghan Casey and Annie DeVoe and the law school's first Native American Scholar, Stacy DeMass.

"The class is a diverse and talented group, and we look forward to calling them alumni of Seattle University School of Law," said Carol Cochran, assistant dean for admission.