Scholars will present works at law school roundtable

Seattle University School of Law will host the second West Coast Roundtable on Language and Law on Sept. 25.

Participants will make presentations to the group regarding a scholarly work in progress, some data to be discussed, or other projects that would be of value to the field. After the brief presentation, the floor will be open for discussion, brainstorming, and suggestions from the assembled colleagues. The format is designed to maximize collaborative collegial input on works in their earliest stages of development. This more intimate and informal environment is both intellectually stimulating and developmentally useful to receive feedback, said Jan Ainsworth, the John D. Eshelman Professor at Seattle University School of Law and organizer of the roundtable.

Roundtable participants include Ron Butter from Duke University, Bethany Dumas from the University of Tennessee, Peter Tiersma from Loyola Law School of Los Angeles, Gail Stygall from the University of Washington, Lorna Fadden from Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Rob Leonard from Hofstra University, Ed Finegan from the University of Southern California, and Mel Greenlee from the California Appellate Project.

Professor Ainsworth said the law school is particularly delighted to welcome Roger Shuy, distinguished research professor of linguistics, emeritus from Georgetown University. Professor Shuy is the author of more than 30 books and more than 100 articles and has consulted in numerous legal matters ranging from criminal cases to trademark cases to reforming bureaucratic language in government documents.

"His immense expertise and experience in the field are matched only by his gracious willingness to share his insights and advice with others in the field," she said.

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