Dean Clark to speak at Ninth Circuit annual meeting

(April 28, 2010) Interim Dean Annette Clark will speak on a panel about the future of legal education at the Ninth Circuit Lawyers Annual Meeting. Lawyers and judges from the Ninth Circuit will meet Friday, April 30, at the United States Courthouse in Seattle. 

She will be part of a panel, "Changing Roles, Changing Times: Are We Ahead or Just Keeping Up?" which will address future trends in legal education, issues in the legal profession that can be affected by law schools, and her vision for the future. Joining her are Dean Erwin Chemerinsky (University of California-Irvine Law) and Dean Kellye Y. Testy (University of Washington School of Law). 

Dean Chemerinsky will start the program with an insightful analysis of the 2009-2010 Supreme Court decisions most likely to affect federal judges and practitioners, along with a discussion of important pending cases, notable trends, and a prognosis of Justice Sotomayor's impact on the future of the Court. 

The program also will include a report from federal judges on the state of the courts in the Western District of Washington, as well as the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals' annual update from Circuit Judge William A. Fletcher.

Downtown Seattle