Four students selected for international internships

(March 9, 2010) The School of Law's International Programs has announced its 2010 summer interns. The summer interns are:

The Nicaragua Social Justice Project
1L Meghan Casey and 1L Emily Varcalli

Documentation Center of Cambodia
1L Krista Nelson 

Inter-American Court of Human Rights
San José, Costa Rica
2L Maria Bocanegra 

The selection committee was made up of Professors Antkowiak, Gonzalez, Kidane, Lidman, Avila and law student Jennifer Donofrio.

About the internships:


Since 2001, Seattle University has been creating ties to the Universidad CentroAmericana (UCA), the Jesuit university in Managua. The UCA law school houses the pre-eminent law clinic in Central America. The interns will have the opportunity to work towards social justice in Nicaragua, learn about another legal system, reflect on their own to enhance SU's developing relationship with the UCA Law School, and to have a unique summer experience.


The Documentation Center of Cambodia is an independent Cambodian NGO dedicated to ensuring memory and justice in Cambodia with respect to the abuses of the infamous Democratic Kampuchea (DK) regime. As a result of their work, the United Nations and Government of Cambodia have created the Khmer Rouge Tribunal to prosecute certain former DK officials. DC-Cam continues to play a crucial role in the proceedings, acting as a resource for prosecutors, defense attorneys, and the general public. Summer associates will be working with DC-Cam in connection with the on-going prosecutions, which started in 2008. 

Costa Rica

In 2010, a new summer internship with the Inter-American Court of Human Rights was established. The Inter-American Court is the highest human rights tribunal in the hemisphere, with jurisdiction over states from Argentina to Venezuela. Interns will be involved in researching international human rights case law, principles and novel issues; monitoring case development; and drafting memoranda, court orders, and sections of judgments.