Latina/o Bar Association honors law school

(January 21, 2010) Seattle University School of Law has been named Partner of the Year by the Latina/o Bar Association of Washington (LBAW). This award recognizes a business, law firm or organization that demonstrates an extraordinary commitment to the profession, to diversity and to the advancement of the Latina/o community.

"The law school's steadfast and long-term commitment to academic excellence and education for justice, to diversity and to its community is unsurpassed," said Patricia Lally, LBAW President. "The law school's legal clinics, institutes and centers also demonstrate its commitment to providing access to justice by offering free legal services to our most vulnerable and underserved populations."

LBAW is proud to be a partner and supporter to Seattle University School of Law's mission and to recognize the law school's outstanding contributions. The award will be presented at the 18th Annual Gala on Friday, January 29, at the Seattle Waterfront Marriott.

"The Latina/o Bar Association is grateful for SU Law School's unfailing support and we look forward to working and partnering with you to achieve our mutual goals," said Lally.

Two Seattle University law students also will be recognized at the event. 3Ls Emily Gonzalez, president of the Latino/Latino Law Student Association, and Malou Chavez, Student Bar Association president, received LBAW scholarships.

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