Law school hosts tax workshop Feb. 5

(February 2, 2010) Prominent tax scholars from the United States and Canada will gather at Seattle University School of Law Friday, Feb. 5, for an International Tax Workshop.

Organized by Associate Dean for Faculty Development Lily Kahng and Visiting Professor Mary Louise Fellows, the day-long conference will address topics such as international tax discrimination and promoting gender-aware international tax policy. 

Primary presenters are Karen Brown, George Washington Law School, and Ruth Mason, Connecticut Law School. 

Discussants are Reuven Avi-Yonah, Michigan Law School; Yariv Brauner, University of Florida College of Law; Kim Brooks, McGill University Faculty of Law; David Duff, University of British Columbia Faculty of Law; Mary Lou Fellows, Minnesota Law School/Seattle University School of Law; Lily Kahng, Seattle University Law School; Michael Knoll, University of Pennsylvania Law School; and Diane Ring, Boston College Law School.

Sullivan Hall