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Spring 2016 Clinic Lottery
The Sign-up email for the Spring 2016 Clinic Lottery was emailed on Friday, October 30th. If you wish to participate you must submit your choices by Thursday, November 5th. The Lottery will run on Monday, November 9th and results will be available on SUOnline by 6 p.m. For more information see our Clinic Lottery webpage.

Spring 2016 Registration
Part-time students will register on Tuesday, November 10th. Full-time students will register in two stages. Stage One appointments take place on Thursday, November 12th and Stage Two appointments take place on Friday November 13th.

January 2016 Intersession Registration
Part-time students may register for Intersession classes during their November 10th appointment time. Full-time students may register for Intersession classes during their November 12th appointment time.

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If you are having difficulty registering: During business hours - Call the Office of the Registrar at 206-398-4150. We can generally solve your problem more quickly if we can talk to you on the phone. On weekends or after business hours - Send an email describing the problem to

If you are unable to log into SUOnline: Use the password reset option (see the link at the top right on SUOnline). If this doesn't work contact the helpdesk at 206-296-5571 or Resolving a login issue can take several hours. If you are unable to login during your appointment time call us at 206-398-4150 before contacting the helpdesk. We can manually register you for your courses.

Questions regarding the schedule, degree progress or appointment times: Email us at or call 206-398-4150.

We cannot send student information to non-Seattle University email accounts. If you have a question, or are having difficulty with SUOnline, please be sure to email us from your Seattle University email account.

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