Summer 2014 Registration

Registration Dates for Continuing Students

February 12,
Registration Appointments Assigned
Registration appointments will be available to view on SUOnline by 4 p.m.
March 11,
Torts Registration
1L students who have not yet completed Torts will be automatically registered for Summer 2014 Torts by 4 p.m.
March 12 -
March 14,
Registration Appointments
Part Time students register on March12th. Full Time students register on March 13th. Visiting students register on March 14th.
June 3,
1st Day of Classes - Start of Add/Drop Period
Classes may be added or dropped using SUOnline.
Waitlist sign in begins.
June 6,
End of Add/Drop Period
ABA Term Certification due.
All waitlists closed.
Last day to drop a class online and without a 'W' (withdrawn) grade applied to transcript.
Last day to receive a 100% tuition refund for dropped classes.
June 20,
End of Withdrawal Period
Students may withdraw from a class until this date. A 'W' (withdrawn) will be applied to the transcript and a partial tuition refund applied (see the Student Handbook for the tuition refund schedule).After this date students may only withdraw with the permission of the professor and the Associate Dean for Student Affairs. 'WF' (withdrawn failing) grades may be applied for withdrawals made after this date.

Summer 2014 Class Schedule

The Summer 2014 course schedule is available on our Class Schedules page. Tentative course lists for Fall 2014 and Spring 205 will be posted by Monday, March 10, 2014.

Summer Registration Process

Continuing students may register for the Summer 2014 semester starting at their assigned registration appointment times. There are no lotteries and no equal, part time or full time preference classes during the summer term.

Because part time students must attend the summer semester to complete their degree in three and one half years, they are given registration priority for the summer semester.

Information and instructions on using SUOnline to register can be found here.


If you are a current part time 1L student, or a full time 1L student who deferred Torts, you will be automatically registered for Summer 2014 Torts . You cannot register for any other summer classes. Students who wish to defer Torts beyond this summer must get the permission of Donna Deming, Associate Dean for Student Affairs.

Credit Loads

Full time students may register for up to 8 credits in the summer term. Part Time students may register for up to six (6) credits in the summer term and may petition Donna Deming, Dean for Student affairs to register for seven (7) credits.

To receive financial aid for the summer term you must enroll in at least three (3) credits. Students enrolled in three (3) or more credits in the summer term may work a maximum of 19 hours a week under the State Work Study Program.

Registration Questions or Problems

If you are unable to log into SUOnline
Use the password reset option (see the link at the top right on SUOnline). If this does not work, contact the HelpDesk at 206-296-5571 or

If you are having difficulty registering
During business hours - call the Office of the Registrar at 206-398-4150. We can generally solve your problem more quickly if we can talk to you on the phone.
On Weekends or after business hours - send an email describing the problem to

Questions regarding the schedule or courses
Contact Sheila Underwood, Registrar at 206-398-4153 or

Questions regarding degree progress or transfer credit
Contact Tricia Pearson, Associate Registrar at 206-398-4154 or

Questions regarding waitlist position or appointment time
Contact the Office of the Registrar 206-398-4150 or

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Registration Newsletters

Summer 2014 Registration Newsletter