Registration Appointments

Your registration appointments will be available on SUOnline one month before registration begins. To view your appointments on SUOnline, go to the Registration Appointments option on the Student Menu.

Fall and Spring Semester Registration Appointments

All students will receive two registration appointments for fall and spring.

First Appointment
Part-Time students: May register for evening classes only
Full-Time students: 2L students year may register for 8 credits. 3L students may register for 12 credits. 

Second Appointment
Part-Time students: May register for all open courses, up to 11 credits
Full-Time students: May register for all open courses, up to 16 credits

Summer Registration Appointments

All students will receive one registration appointment for summer. Full-time students may register for up to 8 credits and Part-time students up to 6 credits during their registration appointments.

Appointment Order

Fall and spring registration appointments are assigned by class year. Full-time class years are further broken down into four registration groups (A, B, C, D). You will be randomly assigned a registration cohort of A, B, C, or D during the registration period for your fall 2L semester. This will remain your cohort until you graduate. We rotate through the registration cohorts each fall and spring registration period. The order for Fall 2014 registration through Spring 2016 registration is as follows:

Fall 2014 Registration: A, B, C, D
Spring 2015 Registration: D, C, B, A
Fall 2015 Registration: B, A, D, C
Spring 2016 Registration: C, D, A, B

Summer appointments are assigned by program and then class year. Part-time students register first for the summer semester. Cohorts are not used in assigning summer appointments.

Appointment Time Conflicts

If you do not have computer access during your registration appointment time, please contact the Office of the Registrar at 206-398-4150 or We will make arrangements to register you for classes during your appointment time. We will not reassign your appointment to an earlier time due to a conflict.