Computing Information

The Seattle University School of Law is a recognized leader in integrating technology with education. The school uses computing resources extensively in the curriculum, for research, for communications within the law school community, and for external communications.

Because of the importance of access to networked information in all aspects of student life and the extent to which the school relies on electronic communications, the School of Law requires that all entering students own a portable Windows-based computer capable of accessing the Internet from home as well as via Ethernet within the School of Law.

There are two options available for all students entering the Law school; the Dell purchase program or another laptop that meets our current laptop requirements. If you decide to take advantage of the purchase program, reviewing the laptop requirements will be unnecessary, as all of the computers offered meet or exceed every requirement listed.

Laptop Purchase Program

To help ensure that you get the most out of the technology we offer, we have formed a strategic partnership with Dell. Dell offers a variety of laptop computers, and will be able to supply you with a system that is fully compatible with our environment. Dell pricing for School of Law students reflects a special volume discount, saving you even more than their usual education pricing. The School of Law IT staff is certified to repair Dell computers.

Dell Laptop Purchase Program

Dell offers computers specifically configured for use here at the School of Law. Therefore, in order to avoid compatibility problems with our network and other systems, we recommend that you purchase your computer from Dell through our Web site. In addition, the School of Law has become a certified repair shop, ensuring the highest level of service for your computer needs.

Your new laptop will be pre-loaded with all peripherals and software necessary for your coursework. As a purchase program computer buyer, you will receive full online and, on-site technical support for your system.

We are confident that this initiative will significantly improve the quality of your experience here and strongly urge you to participate.

Other Laptop Computers

Should you already own a relatively new laptop or choose not to purchase a Dell through the student program, your portable computer must meet the following minimum specifications. Please keep in mind, Apple computers (MAC) are not supported at the School of Law. MAC OS do not work with some of the School of Law’s specific applications. This is not a comment on Apple computers. It is simply our policy for the sake of consistency and ensuring we are able to provide the best support possible.

For financial assistance in purchasing your laptop, look into our financial aid options for incoming students. Make sure your computer is compatible to connect to the network.

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