Student Printing

All Matriculated law students receive 750 pages of printing per year, free of charge. This amount is based on what is considered to be a reasonable number of pages if a person is being somewhat sparing on what is printed out. Print accounts are credited the week prior to the first day of classes for summer quarter, to accommodate the incoming 1L’s who have decided to start early.

Additional printing may be purchased for 5 cents a page. This money goes directly into the budget for purchasing toner and paper for the printers. Students who do more printing should be the ones to pay the extra money for printing, rather than transferring the additional cost to all students in the form of tuition. Current account balances are printed on your banner sheet with each print job. (You are not charged for the banner sheet.)

Deposits to your print account must be made at the business office on the 2nd floor of the law school. The business office will give you a receipt that should be taken to technology. Technology will use this receipt to apply credit to your print account. Receipts received after 3:00 p.m. may be credited the next business day.

If you have any questions regarding computer configuration, please stop by technology for assistance or e-mail