Recording Services

Instructional Technology can record special events, guest speakers, faculty promotion review, exam review, and make-up classes (scheduled outside normally scheduled class periods) for later online access. This is ideal for making recordings of live events available to evening and daytime students who are otherwise unable to attend in person. However, recording services are not available to individual students who are unable to attend regularly scheduled classes.

Recording formats are standardized throughout the school of law for online streaming distribution only.  To fill out request form, click here: Recording Request Form.

NOTE: Recording Request Forms must be submitted at least one week in advance and come directly from faculty and/or their administrative assistants, Event Administration or Student Life.

Talent Release Forms

All guest speakers (who are not employees of Seattle University) should sign a standardized Talent Release Form before their recordings will be posted online. This is the responsibility of the event organizers, as the media services staff will be unable to handle this during setup. Forms can be returned to Media Services in Room 311d.

Viewing Recordings online

Once an event is recorded it will be posted to your class and/or department's online multimedia library. (Professors will be provided special instructions to give students for accessing course related content.)

For a complete list of Departmental Multimedia Libraries, click here. 

Some multimedia libraries are open to the public, others require an SU network user account. You will have the option of specifying access restrictions when you fill out a Recording Request Form.

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