Web Conferencing

Instructional Technology has several options available to faculty and groups desiring remote conferencing services that do not require proprietary video conferencing equipment. To inquire about these services, please contact Instructional Technology at: medialaw@seattleu.edu

Adobe Connect Pro

Connect Pro offers a suite of online meeting rooms, webinar, and web conferencing solutions. In its essence a Connect meeting room is an online webspace where presenters can share visual aids along with audio and video with remote participants. Remote participants can also be given permission to share A/V materials as well. Connect features include:

  • Web Camera support
  • Computer Microphone support
  • Telephone Audio Support (through special bridge service)
  • Desktop Sharing (browsers, applications, PowerPoint Slides)
  • White Boards (blank screens users can write and draw on)
  • Chat / Moderator Windows
  • Recording (web conferences can be recorded for later viewing)

The law school currently owns a small set of meeting rooms which have been dedicated to specific departments. However, if you have have a unique need, please talk to use as we may be able to use an existing meeting room to support a one-off event and/or can discuss the future acquisition of additional Connect meeting rooms for your needs.

Law School Classrooms

Several law school classrooms have been setup to provide two-way audio for Adobe Connect web conferences. These classrooms include: Sullivan Hall room C5,  329,  and the Law School Annex rooms 142, 143, 244 and 245. All other rooms, must depend on USB-based external microphones. Because these microphones have a limited range, we recommend they only be used in smaller settings.


Skype is a free online conferencing service, with paid-premium offerings which varies from Adobe Connect in many ways. It requires all users to install software on their devices and create Skype accounts for themselves. Skype also automatically rearranges remote party feeds on your screen, prioritizing whatever signal has the loudest sound. Wherease, with Adobe Connects the host has more control. Also, not all features are available with the free Skype accounts.

Because Skype is a free Internet based service; this means that its bandwidth allocations are subject to high volumes of users. It's servers are prone to being overloaded with traffic causing calls to become disconnected or become highly degraded.  Therefore, it is best to only use Skype for low-risk conferences and interviews which involve as few video connections as possible.

The free version of Skype usually only supports audio-only conferences with some chat functionality. To take advantage of video and desktop sharing, you will need to use a paid-premium account. However, only one person in a video-conference needs to have a premium account.

Skype Kits for Conference Rooms

Instructional technology has a Skype Interview Kit that can be reserved and setup for small group Skype sessions. This involves a high-end noise cancellation microphone that is ideal for small groups, and a high-end web camera with a wider field of vision. This setup is particularly effective when used in the small seminar rooms like the  Annex rooms 244 & 245, the Clinic conference room, the Korematsu/ATJI conference room, and with modifications in Sullivan 328. 

To reserve the Skype Interview Kit, please fill out our Assistance/Equipment Setup Request Form.