Event Planning

The Event Memo must be submitted to Donna Deming by e-mail 1 month prior to the event.  The Event Memo is required before any student or organization may hold an event.  The Event Memo is a comprehensive form that also includes requests for funding from various departments.  If a student and/or student organization would like to request funds from the SBA, they must also submit the SBA Organization Event Funding Request form.

Plan Early

Make an appointment with Donna Deming to discuss your event.

  • Logistics:
    • Room reservation
      • Date/Time/Location
    • Budget
    • Program
    • Marketing Strategy
      • Save-the-Dates
    • Invitations
    • Other communications devices
  • Catering
    • Catering menu
    • Alcohol permit (required if alcohol is served)
    • Bartender services (required if alcohol is served)
  • Copyright permission (if you are showing a movie)
  • Thank you gifts
  • Other materials needed for your event (name tags, handouts, posters, etc.)

Before asking a department for funds, you must read the Departments' Funding Guidelines, which are the basis of the departments' funding decisions.

Other forms

Reimbursement Request Form
For student groups with SBA-administered budgets, or for groups who have been granted money from the Speakers Fund or the Discretionary Fund.

SBA Funding Requests
For SBA-chartered student groups seeking Event or Conference funds. 

For SBA-chartered student groups seeking the following forms: Check Request form, Credit Card Use form, Deposit form

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