Ingram, Cassandra

Cassandra Ingram

Adjunct Professor


  • Civil Litigation
  • Business Law
  • Banking Law
  • Privacy Law


  • BS, University of Massachusetts, 2014
  • MACJ, Seattle University, 2017
  • JD, Seattle University School of Law, 2017
  • LLM in Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Seattle University School of Law, 2021


Cassandra currently works as General Counsel to a fintech (payments) company in Seattle. In addition to her normal business and compliance related tasks, she manages legal matters that involve privacy, cybersecurity, payments and financial regulation, and other areas of law that help regulate the fintech space.

Cassandra also has experience in civil litigation - business, real estate transactions, land use, and family law. She also taught Criminal Law at Bellevue College.

Cassandra's legal interests include anti-money laundering compliance/legislation, privacy/data protection, and blockchain technology. She is currently pursuing professional certifications in anti-money laundering (ACAMS) and privacy (CIPP/IAPP).