Faculty Workshops

Outstanding scholars from both inside and outside the law school present their current works-in-progress during this series, organized by Associate Dean for Faculty Development Natasha Martin.

Spring 2014

Margaret Chon Charlotte Garden John Kirkwood Anna Roberts
Jan. 27, 2014

Margaret Chon, Donald & Lynda Horowitz Professor for the Pursuit of Justice; Charlotte Garden, Assistant Professor of Law; John (Jack) Kirkwood, Professor of Law; and Anna Roberts, Assistant Professor of Law

“Advancing Scholarly Reputation: Submission to Publication and Beyond”

Adam Chodorow Lily Kahng
Feb. 3, 2014

Adam Chodorow, Professor of Law and the Willard H. Pedrick Distinguished Research Scholar, Arizona State University, Sandra Day O'Connor School of Law

“Is it Time to Abandon Accrual Accounting for Tax Purposes?”

Lily Kahng, Professor of Law, Seattle University School of Law

“One Pair of Matching Bookends, Different as Night and Day”

William Sherman
Feb. 10

William Sherman, Visiting Assistant Professor, Seattle University School of Law

“The Deliberation Paradox and Administrative Law”

Shubha Ghosh
Feb. 24, 2014

Shubha Ghosh, Vilas Research Fellow & Professor of Law, University of Wisconsin Law School

“The Lawyer as Entrepreneur”

Rufus Yerxa
Feb. 24, 2014

Rufus Yerxa '76

Influential Voices lecture: “Lawyering in an International Age: Observations from a Career in International Trade”

Mr. Yerxa's lecture is based on his expertise as a leader of the World Trade Organization and a broad range of international trade experience as a senior government official, trade negotiator, and congressional advisor.

Tanya Hernandez
March 3, 2014

Tanya Hernandez, Professor of Law, Fordham University School of Law

“Racial Equality Across the Americas”

Andrea Dennis
March 10, 2014

Andrea L. Dennis, Associate Professor of Law, University of Georgia School of Law

“Eliminating Obstacles Confronting Domestic Violence Victims: A Recent Study of Women Who Commit Crimes”

Deborah Ahrens Mary Bowman Gregory Silverman
March 11, 2014

Deborah Ahrens, Associate Professor of Law; Mary Bowman, Associate Professor of Lawyering Skills and Associate Director of the Legal Writing Program; and Gregory Silverman, Associate Professor of Law, Seattle University School of Law

“Classroom Innovations – The Promise and Pitfalls of Using Technology in the Classroom”

Nancy E. Dowd
March 24

Nancy E. Dowd, David H. Levin Chair in Family Law and Director, Center on Children & Families, University of Florida, Fredric G. Levin College of Law

“Unfinished Equality: The Case of Black Boys”

Tristin Green
March 31, 2014

Tristin Green, Professor of Law, University of San Francisco School of Law

“Discrimination Laundering: The Rise of Organizational Innocence and Its Effect on Equal Opportunity at Work”

Janet E. Ainsworth
April 7

Janet E. Ainsworth, John D. Eshelman Professor of Law, Seattle University School of Law

“Pathways and Pitfalls in Doing Interdisciplinary Scholarship”

Joseph R. Fishkin
April 14

Joseph R. Fishkin, Assistant Professor, University of Texas School of Law

“Bottlenecks: A New Theory of Equal Opportunity”

Eric Yamamoto Margaret Chon Lori Bannai
April 15, 2014

Eric K. Yamamoto, Fred T. Korematsu Professor of Law and Social Justice, University of Hawai'i at Mānoa, William S. Richardson School of Law

Influential Voices lecture: “Repudiating the Supreme Court's WWII Japanese American Rulings”

Keynote lecture by Eric K. Yamamoto. Responses provided by Margaret Chon, Donald and Lynda Horowitz Professor for the Pursuit of Justice and Lori Bannai, Professor of Lawyering Skills and Director, Fred T. Korematsu Center for Law and Equality.

Lecture based on the release of "Race, Rights and Reparation: Law and the Japanese American Internment" (second edition) (Aspen 2013) (with Eric K. Yamamoto, Carol L. Izumi, Jerry Kang, and Frank H. Wu)

Bryan Adamson
April 21, 2014

Bryan Adamson, Associate Professor of Law, Seattle University School of Law

“Robin Thicke and Identity Theft: A Textual Analysis of the 'Blurred Lines' Complaint and Answer”

May 2, 2014

Celebration of Faculty Scholarship

Wine and cheese reception (forum celebrating the many scholarly accomplishments of the faculty this year including many published (and forthcoming) books among other notable contributions and summer research kick off)