Welcome to Seattle University School of Law's 1L Alumni Mentorship Program. If you are interested in serving as a mentor, please email lawalumni@seattleu.edu.

We have created this webpage to serve as a resource for our mentors and mentees as they work together to create individualized Mentoring Plans. Click on the links below to access these resources:

A huge thank you to the Law Alumni Board's Mentorship and Professional Development Committee and the Center for Professional Development for their partnership with the Office of Advancement to offer this program.

We value your participation, and we hope that your experience will be a very positive one. Please share any feedback with us at lawalumni@seattleu.edu. Have a great time building relationships!


There are benefits for both attorney mentors and student mentees... For law students, it is essential to get perspective from working professionals in order to advance and succeed in your career, yet it is inherently difficult to obtain this perspective while you're a student. The program goes a long way toward solving this problem. For mentors, the program is an opportunity to give back, and pass along the perspective you may not have had when you were in law school, and you will get as much out of the program as the student does-you will almost surely benefit from listening to your own advice!

 Marcus Brown '05

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