Find Your Externship

Find an externship that’s right for you.

  • The Externship Site Database lists 500+ approved externship sites.
  • Sites are searchable by location and type.
  • Seattle University Law School does not have externships at for-profit law firms.
  • Use the information on the site profile to draft your cover letter.
  • For international externships not already listed, contact the Director of Externships.
  • Externships at other sites:
    • You may extern at a site not listed in our database if it meets ABA accreditation standards and you could not get a similar experience at an existing site.
    • The Director of Externships must review and approve the site before we can register you.
    • Contact the office early so we have sufficient time to consult with the proposed supervisor and assess the substance of the proposed work
  • You may not extern at an agency where you have previously worked or volunteered. Exceptions are made if work will be substantially different (subject to approval). To find out if your externship can be approved, you will need to send a list of the different tasks and skills for both the previous time period and the future semester.

When should I start applying to externships? Is there a deadline?

It is best to apply for externships about 3 to 5 months before the start of the semester. Here are a few things to be aware of.

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