Which Courts have Available Clerkships?

These sites can be used as a beginning point to research available clerkships, but keep in mind that the information you find here may not be completely accurate or up to date.

Federal Court Clerkships

OSCAR System – This is the online application system used by the majority of Federal judges. You will need to register as a user before you can begin researching judges. Click on the “applicant registration” tab and fill in the information requested.

Judicial Biographies – This is a great site for researching judges to find ones that would be a good fit, whether ideologically, by temperament, interests, or otherwise.

State Court Clerkships

CORA - The National Center for State Court’s CORA resource is a free online portal that allows courts to post multiple opportunities quickly, with the goal of increasing the reach of court opportunities and helping recruit highly-qualified candidates for critical state court positions that are often overlooked by law students or recent graduates. The portal also makes it easy for students and graduates to apply for multiple positions throughout the country using a common application.

Washington Supreme Court (Olympia): Clerkship Information and Justice Bios

Washington Court of Appeals – Division I (Seattle): Clerkship Information and Judge Bios

Washington Court of Appeals – Division II (Tacoma): Clerkship Information and Judge Bios

Washington Court of Appeals – Division III (Spokane): Clerkship Information and Judge Bios

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