High-end, secure video conferencing can be conducted at the School of Law through the use of portable video conferencing units that can be set up in conference rooms and classrooms. These Polycom systems can be connected to a classroom's projector and sound system and connect to remote locations through IP connections.

We have conducted numerous VTC connections with other countries including Russia, China, the UK, and Canada, and multiple locations in the US.


There are some caveats to using this high-end technology.

  • Compatibility: Remote locations must have access to the same type of equipment.
  • Firewalls: Remote locations will need to have their firewall open for conferencing.
  • Buffering & pixelation: Internet traffic is prone to fluctuations in quality based on network activity.
  • Connectivity: Satellite and ISDN connections are not supported at this time. Only IP-based connections.
  • Setup time: We need access to your classroom for 15 minutes before and after each video conference. During that time, we will be making lots of noise to set up the connection.
  • Pre-event test: We require an end-to-end test of the video conference connection with the remote location days/weeks prior to the event so we have time to troubleshoot. This means we will need the direct contact information for the conferencing technical support personal at the remote location(s). Please give us several weeks notice and all the contact information for your remote location so we can set up tests prior to your event.

If you have any questions regarding video conferencing (or web conferencing and telephone conferencing alternatives) please email medialaw@seattleu.edu.

Getting Started

To start this process, contact Media Services via email (medialaw@seattleu.edu) and/or stop by and talk to us in Sullivan Hall room 311. We will want to get your support needs on our calendar as soon as possible, even if all of your contact information is incomplete. Eventually, once you do have remote contact information, please fill out this form: Video Conference Request Form.

Media Services

Sullivan Hall Room 311D
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