How to become a member of the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Board

Membership on the ADR Board is determined by current Board members and is based on written statements of interest, resumes, and interviews of candidates. The Board selects new members each year during fall and spring semesters. Check our events page for information on future membership drives.

First year law students are eligible to apply during either the fall or spring semester membership drives. Second year law students are only eligible to apply during the fall semester membership drive. Part-time or joint-degree students must have at least three semesters of law school remaining, excluding the semester they apply.

Questions about becoming a member of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Board should be directed to the Vice-President of Membership or email

Executive Board

General Board Members

  • Dorsa Bazeghi, 3L
  • Joseph Burdine, 2L
  • Gabrielle Clegg, 2L
  • Emma Daniels, 3L
  • Gabriela Dionisio, 1L
  • Tsechu Dolma, 1L
  • Burke Findley, 2L
  • Shaizah Hasan, 3L
  • Aden Jones, 2L
  • Brett Kempski, 2L
  • Blake Kurtzman, 3L
  • Alvera Mandavia, 2L
  • Ariadna Quinares Navarrete, 2L
  • Sarah Max, 3L
  • Tara Mowreader, 2L
  • Sarah Murphy, 2L
  • Ashley Raines, 1L
  • Jasmine E. Salguero, 2L
  • Connor Trapp, 2L
  • Abiel Woldu, 2L
  • Ryan Worley, 3L
  • Brianne Zamora, 2L

ADR Board membership is a competitive and selective process. For more information regarding membership selection, please see our By-laws or contact the Vice President of Membership.

Contact us

The Dispute Resolution Board welcomes comments, questions, concerns, and feedback. Please don't hesitate to contact us by any of the following means.

Dispute Resolution Board
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