Late registration

  • Registration for most courses will close at the add/drop deadline (the Friday of the first week of classes).
  • Make any registration changes on mySeattleU up until this deadline.
  • Registration may close earlier for courses where the first few class meetings are especially critical.
  • After the first week and until the end of the third week of fall/spring semesters, you must have a professor's permission to register (note exceptions below). After this, no classes may be added.
  • During the summer semester, late registration is not allowed.


To request late registration for a course, submit a Late Registration Form to the Registrar.

Professor approvals

Approval from the course professor is required for late registration except in the following cases:

  1. You are adding a course with a late start date before it has met for the first time.
  2. Journal or competition credits are being added by an eligible student.

Administration approval

Approval from the Associate Dean for Affairs is required for late registration if any of the following apply:

  1. You are a 1L student.
  2. Registering for the course will put you over the credit limit.


  • Students who register for a class late must 80 percent of class meetings, as mandated by the American Bar Association
  • Classes you missed before registering will be counted as absences.

Tuition charges

  • Tuition for late-registration classes is due immediately.
  • Once the class is added, students may view their updated tuition statement on mySeattleU.
  • Late fees and holds will be placed for any tuition balances not paid in full one week after registration. For more information see the Payments section or contact the Business office.

Financial Aid

  • Changing your credit load may impact your financial aid eligibility. Consult with Student Financial Services immediately to discuss implications.

Open registration and add/drop

Open registration

  • After registration appointments have ended, open registration begins, where all students may register for any open class for which they meet the prerequisite requirements.
  • Most waitlist offers are made during this period. Review the waitlist page for more information.


  • Deadline for schedule changes: end of the business day of the Friday of the first week of classes.
  • All tuition charges are also due at this time.
  • Class waitlists are active during the first week of classes and daily check-in is required.

Course withdrawals

The policies apply to withdrawal from individual courses. For policies related to withdrawal from the School of Law please see the .


Students requesting withdrawal from individual courses must submit a completed Late Registration Form to the Office of the Registrar.


  • Contact the Registrar to withdraw
  • Fall and spring semesters: before the end of the fifth week of classes.
  • Summer semester: before the end of the third week of classes.


    • Some courses may have earlier withdrawal deadlines, such as in courses involving a commitment to third parties or where withdrawal may adversely impact other students.
    • Students will be notified of this deadline before the end of the first week of classes.


  • To withdraw after these deadlines, approval of the professor and Associate Dean for Student Affairs is required to withdraw from a course.
  • The Associate Dean must also approve 1L student withdrawals and withdrawals that result in a credit underload for the semester.

Impact on grades

  • Withdrawal before deadline: W (withdrawn) is recorded on transcript; no impact on GPA. Students
  • Withdrawal after deadline: WF (withdrawn failing) grade may be recorded on the transcript; this failing grade impacts GPA in the same was as an F grade.

Tuition Refunds

  • Students withdrawing from a class or from school are subject to the .
  • Contact the business office with questions.

Financial Aid

  • Changing your credit load can change your financial aid eligibility.
  • Contact Student Financial Services with questions.

Contact the registrar

Phone: 206-398-4150

Registrar hours

Monday-Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Hours are subject to change during exams, holidays, and summer session. Changes will be posted outside of the entrance to the Administrative Offices.

A drop box is located to the left of the Administrative Office doors for after-hours correspondence.